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Sheepdog Trials by H E Allen. Buxton MuseumDogs have played many roles in Peakland life - and afterlife. Spectral hounds and the ghostly black boggart appear in many supernatural tales .

Real dogs suffered badly if they lived near the Royal Forest of the Peak. Even gentle pets were deliberately crippled to prevent them chasing wild animals and birds. In later times it was illegal to keep certain types of dogs, especially greyhounds, as they were commonly used by poachers.

But it was quite acceptable to take your dog into church. Official dog whippers were employed to keep the peace and to stop strays coming in. Youlgreave parish accounts show their dog whipper's annual wage in 1604 as 1s 4d (7p); it had not gone up a single penny by 1716. Eyam registers mention the burial of dog whipper Stephen Broomhead, who perished in snow on Eyam moor in 1749.

You can see a dog whip in the parish church of St Anne at Baslow.

The Peak has had its share of intelligent and brave dogs. Read on for a famously loyal sheepdog or click here find out more about a dog that fetched help for a suffering horse.

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