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Welcome to Peakland Heritage
Middleton Mole welcomes you to Peakland Heritage
Greetings! Iím Middleton Mole your down to earth guide to the history of the Derbyshire Peak District. Dig in here for fascinating information about living and working in the Peak, the major part that the area has played in history and the way the landscape has changed over the years. There is lots of help with local history topics, studies of its towns and villages, even a study on how to trace the history of your house by Elizabeth Wildgoose.

The local history of the Peak District

Explore the site and youíll find fascinating studies of Peak District local history, geography and geology. All about our local communities: their customs, traditions and working life. Our Shaping the Peak section also takes you back to Roman times and goes on to trace the history of the Peak District through wars, and the Industrial Revolution Ė bringing you right up to the present day.

Our Everyday Life and Working Life studies cover the day-to-day life of communities in the Peak District, including home and family issues, the role of women and children at work, in mills, mines, factories and farms. Find out what life was like for previous generations growing up and working in the Peak.

On the Move tells the story of transport and travel, roads and railways and the changes that tourists and visitors have made. Find how healing waters, spas and the Water Cure made Matlock and Buxton famous.

Digging Deeper gives us local history studies of towns and villages, life stories of famous men and women, murders, legends and studies of local dialect.

Visit a Peak District local studies library

To find out more, why not visit a local studies library in the Peak District? The history of local communities, working life, wildlife, transport, heritage and traditions are all areas you can investigate at a local studies library in Derbyshire.

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Peak District traditions and customs

The Peakland calendar is full of customs. There are traditions and customs for spring, autumn, winter, summer, birth and death and love and marriage amongst others.

Peakland Wildlife

A wild and wonderful assortment of wildlife has been found in the Peak, including a find of prehistoric animalsí bones such as mastodon, woolly rhinoceros and sabre tooth cats! The Peak has a varied landscape that is ideal for wildlife and almost anything can grow somewhere! Wildlife can even survive the high toxic levels of soil around the old lead workings, and some plants can thrive on areas of poor soil. Peaklanders also know the art of using plants, flowers and other wildlife for home-made remedies.

So letís take a stroll together round Peakland past. Come on in and find out more about the traditions and the heritage of the Peak District.

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